Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Jay Katari is Helping to Lead Recycling Efforts in Florida

Florida residents generate approximately 32 million tons of municipal solid waste every year.  Although recycling education and awareness has been going on for the past two decades, much work is still required.   In 2009 Floridians diverted 8,482,964 tons or 29% of Municipal Solid Waste from the landfill through recycling.In an effort to reduce waste and accelerate recycling efforts in the Sunshine State, the Florida Legislature passed the Energy, Climate Change and Economic Security Act of 2008 establishing a new statewide recycling goal—reduce the disposal of recyclables 75% by 2020.

According to Jay Katari, we will need to see more recycling of construction and demolition (C&D) debris, which constitute 25% of all municipal solid waste and organics (food waste, yard trash and paper) which represent 40% of municipal solid waste and also must be recycled at significantly higher rates to meet the 2020 goal.  Florida residents generate 8.39 Pounds/Day of waste, so there is no shortage of waste to work with.

Efforts by the private and the public sector stand the best chance of helping Florida meet its goal.  Jay Katari started South Florida Textile Recycling, Inc. back in 1998, placing 24 collection bins in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Since then, he set up 10 more clothing collection businesses across a dozen states recycling more than 25 million pounds of second hand clothing and shoes every year.

The Broward County School District also has a strong recycling program by partnering with the School Board, County Commissioners and the County Recycling and Contracts Administration Division.  The program encompasses three major elements:  collection, education and tracking.
Collaborative partnerships among state government, local governments, trade organizations, schools, businesses and industries, and entrepreneurs like Jay Katari will help Florida lead the nation in recycling by the end of the next decade with innovative ideas and practical solutions to a problem facing every county in America.

About the Author: Jay Katari is a social entrepreneur and a successful businessman in South Florida specializing in used clothing collection and recycling.

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